After a completed Rental Application has been submitted, a $1000 refundable Security Deposit is due at the time of booking in order to reserve a space or time zone. Rentals are NOT confirmed until a completed Request Application has been submitted,

deposit has been paid, and confirmation is given from THS Rental Coordinator.

The remaining balance (rental fee) is due in full no later than 14 business days prior to the rental date. Payment can be made by Cash, Credit Card Chase Zelle payment, Cashapp or 

Security Deposits are eligible for refund after confirmation from THS Rental Supervisor that the space was left clean, rental ended on time, and no damages occurred. Security Deposits will be returned 7-10 business days after the completion of your rental.


In the case of cancellation, once your rental has been confirmed and a deposit has been collected, deposits are nonrefundable.

Although we will take every measure to avoid a cancellation, The Help Studios reserves the right to cancel rentals due to conflicts, inclement weather, or emergency conditions.


Building Rentals must account for and pay for any additional time required for setup and cleanup. Party Packages are granted 15-minutes prior and 15-minutes after a 2-hour rental period for setup and cleanup. Additional time can be added at the standard rental rate. All renters are responsible for removing items that are brought into the rental space.

Any materials hung on walls must be hung with blue painters tape and 3M hooks only. Room exits must be kept clear at all times. For safety and security reasons, all doors leading in or out of the facility may not be propped open during events. Food and drinks are confined to designated areas and may not be served in the Main Studio areas or in private offices.


Upon arrival to your party, please check in at the front lobby. Rental groups may wait in the Lobby (during business hours) or the front of the building (during non-operating hours) until the start of your rental period / setup time. Due to staffing and a tight scheduling format, we are unable to extend parties beyond your reserved time the day of your event. Late departing groups will be charged double the hourly rate of $150 per hr. with exceeded rental time rounded up to next half hour.

If you would like to extend your party room time for an additional charge, please discuss your options with THS Rental Coordinator at time of booking or no less than 7 business days before your event.


THS Rental Supervisors and Staff reserve the right to monitor your event at any time. Renters are responsible for their guests (for both private and public events) and are liable any damages or issues that may arise.

If a problem should arise and the Renter does not take immediate action to correct it, THS reserves the right to redirect the rental or immediately cancel the rental without additional notice or refund of rental fees. For larger events you may want to book a local Police Officer to help supervise the event!


The Help Studios Event Center is not currently accommodating rentals involving Alcohol. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere within the Center or the Parking lot.


Rental spaces have the following capacity as determined by the Fire Marshall. In the event room capacity is exceeded, THS staff will ask that you remove guests until capacity is no longer exceeded: