At theHELPstudio, we love variety, which is why we strive to offer our customers with numerous options to choose from—including paper. From different thicknesses to various types of finishes, we know you’ll find exactly what you need for your promotional needs!

14 pt. Gloss Coated Cover (C2S) with High Gloss UV

A go-to stock for most customers. This glossy, thick card stock has an additional layer of High Gloss UV Coating on the surface for a beautiful shine, great color reproduction, and extra protection from damage. You just can’t go wrong! (You may choose to leave off the High Gloss UV Coating on the back.) Keep in mind that you cannot write or print on High Gloss UV-coated stocks.

14 pt. Premium Uncoated Cover

For those who prefer the simpler things in life, our Premium Cover is a thick card stock with none of the fancy stuff. It’s uncoated and feels like slightly textured, natural paper.

16 pt. Dull Cover with Matte Finish

Another customer favorite, the 16 pt. is the thickest stock we offer. It’s dull (not glossy), with a layer of Matte Finish applied for a smooth, silky surface that you can’t resist touching!

Recycled 100 lb. Dull Cover with Matte Finish

Recycled 80 lb. Dull Text with Matte Finish

In an effort to expand our green initiative, we came up with the Recycled Dull stocks (and they’re just as impeccable as our regular stocks). Similar to the 16 pt. Dull Cover, the Recycled 100 lb. Dull Cover (thick cover stock) and the 80 lb. Dull Text (paper stock) are two of our recycled stocks for our environmentally friendly customers! (The only difference is in the thickness.)

100 lb. Gloss Cover (C2S) with Aqueous Coating

100 lb. Gloss Book (C2S) with Aqueous Coating

80 lb. Gloss Book (C2S) with Aqueous Coating

The 100 lb. Gloss Cover is a thick, glossy cover stock, whereas the 100 lb. Gloss Book and 80 lb. Gloss Book are text stocks. All three of these stocks are glossy, produce vibrant colors, and are coated with Aqueous Coating for better protection against stains and marks.

70 lb. Offset Opaque Smooth White

A popular stock for letterhead, envelopes, and notepads, this paper is compatible for use in your Laser or InkJet printer. Bright white, uncoated, and smooth: it’s everything you need to make a great impression! Just be sure to avoid dark, heavy ink, as these may cause offsetting.

In addition, we offer 60 lb. Gloss Coated Crack & Peel Label for Stickers, and high-quality signage material for Wide Posters, Banners, Clings, Decals, and Yard Signs.

Always Remember:

Cover means card stock (thick paper). Book or Text means paper (not as thick as card stock). High Gloss UV is a high gloss coating, Aqueous is a glossy coating, and Matte Finish is a non-glossy, flat finish. You cannot write or print on High Gloss UV-coated stocks, and we do not guarantee that you will be able to write on Aqueous-coated stocks. We do not recommend using heavy, dark ink on uncoated stocks due to offsetting.
Glossy stocks provide brighter colors, whereas dull and uncoated stocks provide softer colors. C2S indicates gloss coated on two sides.